Throughout my years in evangelism, I have been privileged to see the miraculous move of the Holy Spirit in some outstanding churches.  While revival is sent from God alone, I believe we need to make some preparations so we can optimize spiritual growth among believers and bring the lost to repentance in Christ.  Please allow me to share with you the FOUR "P's" to successful event.

First of all, please encourage the people of your church to support the event by being PRESENT at each of the services.

Secondly, let us all join together in fervent PRAYER for the event and each of the services.  Please encourage your congregation to support the event by praying, both individually and collectively in groups. 

Next, we need to invite PROSPECTS to the event.  We particularly want to target individuals without Christ as well as those that are away from Christ, but please invite anyone you can as we are all in need of spiritual growth.

Finally, encourage your church to join with you, the pastor, and your staff as you innovatively and aggressively PROMOTE the event.  Please feel free to contact us for promotional ideas that we have found to be proven successful.  Additionally, please feel free to use the template event poster provided below to promote the event.  You simply have to print it and then fill-in the necessary fields.

I am excited about what the 
Lord has planned!

God Bless,

Bro. George Marty Brock

Click Here for Event Poster
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